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Why Not

Death – it will take the wind out of your sails. This morning I got the word that a good friend passed away. He lost his short but courageous fight with cancer. As I’m standing here trying to get ready for work I can just feel my energy level seriously depleted as I ponder the news that I just received. And the questions start to pile up in my heart and head. Now what? Read More...

Shouts of Joy

_MG_7613 - Version 2
We all love a great sunset, or a beautiful mountain. A walk along a sandy beach or a breathtaking spring landscape can leave us deeply moved. But have you ever wondered why? What is it about nature, about beauty, that touches us so deeply. Sure, you can say we are wired to appreciate beauty. But what if the reason is deeper and way more amazing than you ever dreamed… Read More...


Was the Christian life really meant to be this complex? I just opened a popular religious bookstore’s catalog and found literally thousands of books that tell me how I must do this or do that in order to live a good christian life, or be a good christian man, or be a good christian father, or husband, or… the list goes on and on. I am not trying to disparage these books. Certainly some are good and helpful. But in the end, is it REALLY supposed to take a library of books and a lifetime of effort? Is it really supposed to be this hard? Read More...

Fear and Honor

It’s funny how fear and honor go together. I have watched the movie Saving Private Ryan as I’m sure many of you have, and from what I gather from the accounts of others it is a rather good depiction of what happened. But in all of the chaos and fear going on, there were those that looked past the fear and found the courage to push forward. How did they do it? Read More...

Who Are You

It’s the BIG question… One of the biggest.
If you miss this answer, then the rest of the test doesn’t matter.
You might think you know, and you probably know more than you think.
But did you know the answer you believe steers everything else you do?


Failure and Freedom

I’ve blown it again. Now what do I do? Now where do I turn?
It’s the choice after the choice.
And in many ways, it’s the biggest choice of the two.
And what I do with it will determine my destiny...


More Than Fine

Yes, the sun rises each day.
And yes, I get up, hop in the shower, have my coffee and breakfast and get going to work.
And somedays, that keeps me busy till I’m back asleep, ready to “rinse and repeat” the next day.
But is that really enough? I mean, really?