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"God has opened my eyes. To experience this brought strength and freedom!"

"I looked deep inside and for the first time was not ashamed."

"This weekend was an awesome experience. I feel that I have finally stepped across a threshold into the freedom God has been calling me to."

"God has challenged me to not settle for average in my life. I now believe that my story is much bigger than I have been living and I am determined to start living up to my potential.   This weekend God called me into full manhood. I will never be the same. "

"There have been just a handful of experiences in my life where I just knew I would never be the same again.  I am certain Heart Revolution will be joining that elite list.  I can't wait to begin the adventure!"

"All I can say is 'WOW'!  Relevant and life impacting. The last few months have been by far the best of my life."

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"I am at a loss for words to describe this experience.  It took things I have heard for years and presented the info plainly and clearly in a way that penetrated my heart.  Thank you."

"I walked in on Thursday with excitement, but my heart was disconnected and dead. I really felt God for the first time in a long time and experienced freedom like when I first gave my life to God."

"I can't thank you guys enough for what has happened these weekends."

"God has used this weekend to give me vision and focus.  My heart pounds with a new freedom."

"I am finally starting to be as real as I wanted to be.  It awakened a new passion for living."

"It was a great experience for me and I’ll recommend it to guys in the future."

"Reading Wild at Heart three years ago was helpful, but this has taken it 2-3 levels deeper."

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"This brought me to a point where I opened my life to God.  It helped clarify the mission I must passionately pursue and achieve.  Thank you and God for a life-changing weekend."

"I feel free, scared, and ready to make some changes."

"God met me here. This weekend has been the culmination of what God has been doing in my heart the past nine months."

"I want to pursue my wife’s soul. After five year’s of marriage, I haven’t gone into intimacy out of fear… although it will take time, I want to have a soul mate which is my wife."

"My life will be forever changed…"

"Being able to hear God's voice... provides a tremendous freedom to live.  Thank you so very much!"

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"The setting, the location, your incredible determination and hard work have made my next step and journey seemingly possible.  Thank you."

"There are so many ways this impacted my life. This was incredible."

"It finally made things 'click' in my life."

"I have been called to not only experience a freedom of heart, but to enter into the adventure of life. This weekend was able to impact my heart, not just my mind.”

"I truly believe that you cannot walk in this life without a band of brothers.  After this weekend I see how crucial it is."

"I am profoundly moved in my spirit. The time with God to process the information was powerful. Thanks!”

"Without this camp and God, I would be lost…"

"I came here hoping for something to happen in my heart… and God met me. I’ve started a battle and now I am not fighting alone- God is with me as are my brothers."

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"Words cannot describe the impact on me. I am still in awe… I have to get my heart back- not only for me- but for my family and others in my circle. Thank you for the time and effort involved in this great event."

"I was the one trying to put God in a box.  No More!"

"Thank you so much for the way to God. I was so lost. I loved Him but needed other men to find Him. Thank you for a way out of pain and opening my eyes to what God has made me.”

"Irreversible change! I know that I am only able to go forward into freedom or back into slavery."

"This was my second time.  This time I felt even more impact."

"The biggest impact has and will come in my relationship with my wife. I’ve learned how to put more value into the effort I need to put into her and her wounds. Thank you."

"It was amazing to share the weekend as a group and go home with a band of brothers now on the same page, living 'alert and oriented x4'.  Excellent job!"

"There is not enough room to adequately describe all that I am taking away from this event."

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"This has been a great weekend.  it is like a book or an adventure that is just beginning to open."

"I can’t wait till the next boot camp for I hope to bring my band of brothers! All the speakers seemed at ease, truly open, honest and transparent. Awesome job!"

"This has been fantastic and refreshing."

"I was awed, amazed, humbled and excited. It has huge implications on my life and I’m sure plenty that I can’t even see yet."

"This was a life changing event for me. I couldn’t have accomplished this without your team’s and God’s help. You made a difference."

"The whole weekend was phenomenal!"

"This weekend I had a vision of standing before a bottomless well and this shell of fear, timidity and anxiety fell off my body into this well. What a freeing experience!!"


"Heart Revolution Boot Camp has awakened my heart and mind."

"I sense a renewed heart… towards God and bursting with the need for adventure. I need to be a loving husband and father. I envision a change at home."

This can be your time to fight for the life that you were meant to live!  Join the ranks of other courageous men who have found true life and freedom, the way God meant them to have.

Join us at our next event. You won't regret it.

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"Every step you take is a step towards the man you will become."