"It's never too late to become the man you were meant to be."

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Isn't it time to discover the man you were always meant to be? The person you long to find underneath the busyness, the cynicism, the anger, the lust, the boredom, the mask, the religion... Our Heart Revolution events are designed to guide you on just such a mission.  To help you dig beneath the years of hiding, pretending, running and medicating to find a life with intense passion, enduring freedom and great purpose.


David Ellis, the founder and leader of Heart Revolution, is in the midst of completing his first book entitled

Losing Dad, Finding Father

This book, and the concepts therein, will be serving as the foundation for our future mission,
so for now, we have not scheduled any new events for 2016.
Please join our mailing list below to keep up-to-date on the book’s release (Summer/Fall 2016)
as well as upcoming events and speaking engagements.

Thank You.

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